The Things We Do To Our Mobile Phones!

The members of the PhoneMend network are a group of people who are dedicated to servicing the needs of mobile phone users all across the UK. Their skills and areas of expertise vary, with some focusing only on repairs, and others buying, refurbishing and selling phones, cases, chargers and other accessories as well as mending broken phones. The thing they all have in common though is that they have learned to cope with a huge variety of mobile phone issues, some straightforward, and some not so simple. People do the strangest things with their mobile phones; they drop them into the toilet (this happens more often than you can imagine), slide them into sinks full of water, spill drinks over them, leave them out in the rain – the list goes on. Another favourite is to leave the phone on the roof of a car and drive away, and in the case of my brother, drop the phone into the road and then ride a pushbike across it (he can’t be the only one who has done that surely?)

Mobile Phone, Broken, Mobile, Phone

All these little incidents keep our repair technicians busy, which is just how they like to be. However, some of the biggest challenges our members face is when someone has had a go at repairing their own broken smartphone, and not succeeded. The results are often much worse than the original problem. For example – one of the most frequently encountered problems with smartphones is scratched, cracked or shattered screens, and some people are tempted to fix this themselves. After all, there are plenty of hints, tips and film clips on the internet telling you how to do it. The idea is to save some money for the phone user, but things can go quite badly wrong.

Damaged screen repair

The PhoneMend professionals can remove a damaged screen (either whole or in bits) quickly and cleanly, and fit a new one, often within 20 to 30 minutes without damaging the phone casing. At home, without the proper tools, what seems a simple job can take ages, and result in a sticky mess and maybe even a non-functioning or wrecked phone if you’re really unlucky.

Liquid damage repair

Liquid damage repairs are another way that the DIY phone repairer can come unstuck, as these repairs can entail stripping down a phone to remove all the liquid residues from the interior. More than one PhoneMend repair centre has been confronted with a dismantled phone, often presented as a box of little bits, where the owner has undone every possible connection and unscrewed every little screw, and then not known how to proceed. The repairer often has to employ their detective skills as well as their repair knowledge in order to locate all the parts and put the phone back together again.

So, DIY repairs may seem a great idea, but for high quality workmanship and a reliable repair, leave it to the experts – they know what they’re doing, and they have all the tools and materials to hand to do a decent job at a fair price, and the majority of them offer a repair warranty as well.

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Who we are

Who we are

We are a mobile phone repair network covering England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales. Our technicians have a combined experience of over 400 years in repairing smartphones. PhoneMend was formed with one vision, to provide affordable, reliable and honest repairs to Apple iPhone, Samsung Galaxy as well as other popular handsets to private and commercial customers in the UK. Our technicians provide just what you need - professional, local repairs at low prices and a free smile on all jobs

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